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Roller weeder 2S / 3S Adelhelm Landtechnik Maschinenbau

The classic for the herbicide free cultivation on the vine.

With the roller hoe the soil along the vine is worked, loosened and slightly moved, which strongly inhibits the weed growth in the development.


  • complete renunciation of all herbicides
  • no sharply cut machining edge, reduces the risk of erosion
  • Weed growth is strongly inhibited in development
  • Little earth movement
  • better infiltration of precipitation due to a roughened surface

technical data:

material thickness: 8mm
Working width 2S: 12-15cm
Working width 3S: ca 15-20 cm

Adelhelm Landtechnik Maschinenbau
Adelhelm Landtechnik Maschinenbau
Adelhelm Landtechnik Maschinenbau

Flexible like no other - fits everywhere due to the large number of mounting adapters.

The roller hoe can be adjusted to different ground structures and driving speeds by means of our finely toothed toothed pulley.

Since the roller hoe works at almost any speed, the roller hoe can be driven in flat as well as steep vineyards. With the staggered roller chopping stars there is no sharply cut machining edge, the erosion is thus significantly reduced compared to other systems.

Due to the easy handling a combined work is possible and the roller hoe can run along with all work. This enables them to work in a time- and cost-saving manner.

With the optional vertical adjustment you can use the roller hoe to pile up your young plants to effectively protect the finishing area from frost in winter. The deflector bow ensures the best possible protection for your vine.

They have different mounting possibilities, in the front, the intermediate axle or rear mounting, also on both sides.

„NEW“ each 2S can be converted to 3S in a matter of minutes with the appropriate accessories

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