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Star Cultivator in frame SRN low construction

The classic tool for a herbicide free tillage at the trunk.

The soil is tilled along the trunk row, lightly moved and loosen, which inhibited the weeds in growing.

Flexible like no one, a real “passe partout”- with a multiple choice of tools.

The star cultivator in the frame in different width, with 4 – 10 stars, good for lager rows in vineyards, orchards or other crops, for each company the right width.

With our tooth lock washer it is possible to adapt our system to different soil structures and speeds.

Because the star cultivator is working with nearly any kind of speed, it is possible to work on flat ground or on slopes. With the deported stars no clear cuts are produced, so there is no risk of erosion, compared to other tools.

With the optional vertical adjustment, it is possible to build a ridge on the young plantations to protect the grafting place in winter from frost. With the deflector hoop we have the best possible protection for your trunk.

You have different attachment possibilities front, centre or rear, double side possible.

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